Ramai yang bertanya soalan berkenaan dengan jual beli trending masa kini. Orang jual guna kaedah jual beli cedok cedok secara live dekat tiktok atau Instagram story. Apakah hukumnya ya? Adakah sah jual beli tersebut? Nampak bermula dengan barang kecil-kecilan seperti gula-gula, alat make up, alat kegunaan harian dan lain-lain. AdaBaca Selanjutnya

Useful location water heaters can help you avoid the long wait for hot water once you turn on the tap. It may seem self-evident, but the length of time you must wait is determined on the distance between the faucet and the water heater. The longer it takes, the moreBaca Selanjutnya

Tokyo, March 16 2022 – This year, along with the celebration of its 21st anniversary, the largest CPA affiliate network in Japan and Southeast Asia, ACCESSTRADE held ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT for the fifth time. ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT 2022 is a one-day event that provides networking opportunities for performance marketers to help them mutually share, learn about, and discoverBaca Selanjutnya

As an advertiser or a publisher, you must aware that ad fraud is massively increasing on all our marketing channels. Fraudsters have been stealing the hard work and all our hard-earned money from ad spending. According to Techfunnel.com, the estimated cost of digital ad fraud worldwide is predicted to rise from $19 billionBaca Selanjutnya