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The term ATM gives us a visual of a machine where we withdraw cash most of the time. Currencies like euros, dollar, Japanese yen and rupees are fiat currencies withdrawn from the ATM. With time cryptocurrency has gained so much popularity that it made ATMs for cryptocurrencies.

The only difference between ATMs for cash and ATM for cryptocurrency is that there is no connection to any financial institution in the case of ATMs for crypto because they are decentralized, and there is no regulatory body for it. Back in the year 2014, the cryptocurrency ATMs were introduced, and since then, they have only been growing.

To make it clearer, let us start with defining what a bitcoin ATM is- it is a place where the investor can easily buy or exchange bitcoin by giving the fiat currency (like dollar, yen, euros, rupees). Talking about the safety of Bitcoin ATMs, they are considered the safest. The ATMs protect you from the volatile nature of bitcoin, and the investor is safe because their account is protected from any other person.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin ATM
Woman in front of ATM for crypto currency.

The best part about using Bitcoin ATMs is that there are absolutely no scams or theft. Almost 33,000 bitcoin ATMs have been already installed in the year 2021. There is a rise in demand for Bitcoin ATM with times, while some of you still wonder what might be the possible reason behind it, listed below are a few points for the same-

Retailers started accepting bitcoins
In the US, a lot of people have started using bitcoins in case they do not have cash. A lot of retailers there have also started to accept payment in bitcoin, and as a result, their sales have also increased from before. It is a win-win situation both for the retailer and the customer who accepts and pays in bitcoin.

The retailer can have the bitcoins stored as long as he wishes to. If not, then they can simply convert it into cash and get it transferred to their bank account. After the retailers have started accepting bitcoins, people have become much more familiar with them.

Faster process
Now buying bitcoin includes a lot of factors to be considered which cannot be ignored no matter what, but while buying it through an ATM, all the things have started taking place at a very fast pace, and the time-consuming part of the bitcoin purchase has been cut short-So investors are more interested in buying bitcoins because of this.

The privacy that a Bitcoin ATM can offer you, no centralized exchange can offer you. The exchanges like first require you to submit your document, verify it, and get started. In the case of using Bitcoin ATMs, nothing happens like the same, and one can simply buy them without submission of personal documents.

But then there are certain limitations that accompany the advantages of the bitcoin. Some of them are listed below-

It is not always necessary that the bitcoin ATM be located near where you are residing, and it can be located in faraway places as well.

High commission
Before using a Bitcoin ATM, you should be well aware of the transaction charges. The Bitcoin ATMs charge a high amount of commission which can reduce your profit. Therefore, be aware of it and then only start using the Bitcoin ATMs.

Set transaction limits
Since ATMs are there to provide more safety to the investors, there have been set transaction limits in the
case of bitcoin ATMs beyond which the buyer cannot go. But in the case of crypto exchange platforms, there is no transaction limit for the potential investor.

Bity, a company from Switzerland, is actually behind the infrastructure of the Bitcoin ATMs and the country which is best known for its standard of security in Switzerland. They make sure that separate public and private keys are generated to ensure the investor’s safety and security.

Final Words
Why would someone go for a tedious way to do things when they can simply use an easier way of doing the same thing? This is why Bitcoin ATMs are being used worldwide.


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