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Affiliate marketing is a flourishing industry. Both the merchants and publishers are making a profit through this cost per action model. Merchants are the companies that employ affiliate marketing strategies for building their brands. Publishers are the affiliate markets to promote the brands’ products. Affiliate marketing works with the harmonious collaboration of both parties.

This marketing technique is changing the way people used to sell and buy products. It is helping brands grow engagement and increase the conversions rate for a comparatively low cost. Lalamove is a brand that took the wise decision to enter the world of affiliate marketing.

Lalamove is an application that allows users to access a large fleet of vehicles and drivers in just a few clicks. The purpose of the brand is to make on-demand delivery widely available. You have to enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, pick the desired vehicle type and you will be connected with a local driver in no time. Users can also follow deliveries in real-time using the app’s GPS tracking feature, go cashless for delivery payments, and keep track of all their activities in one spot.

It is a brand with a vision that decided to increase its reach with affiliate marketing.  As a last-mile delivery solution, Lalamove has become a crucial partner for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Lalamove assists businesses ranging from independent brick & mortar enterprises to restaurants, retail outlets, and e-commerce organisations.

The head of marketing at Lalamove, Veronica Wong, sat with us to discuss the brand’s experience with affiliate marketing and how it helped them grow even after the adversities thrown at them by Covid-19. Let’s learn from the Lalamove story and understand the intricacies.

Veronica Wong Lalamove
Veronica Wong, Head of Marketing (Lalamove)

Veronica focuses on developing effective and efficient marketing strategies for the brand. Along with formulating strategies, she also supervises the execution.

What is your recent launch or top-selling product?

Recently, we’ve launched the Dismantle & Assembly Service (House Moving). This service simply means customers will get a fully-equipped driver and up to 2 helpers to dismantle and assemble their furniture to and fro the premise. A more convenient house moving experience starts with us!

Other than that, Lalamove launched the Long Haul Delivery service which offers interstate delivery with 4 x 4 Pickups, Vans and Lorries. Lalamove’s on-demand delivery model enables businesses to place a long-distance delivery order anytime. Customers can get matched with a 4 x 4 Pickup/Van/Lorry delivery partner instantly. Besides on-demand and same-day, customers can also reserve our vehicle for interstate delivery up to 30 days in advance. Our fleet of interstate delivery vehicles can meet the varying volume and size of commodities. With Lalamove, customers will only need to pay based on the figure that our app shows you! Our app will display the cost for the interstate delivery after assigning the pickup location, drop off location and vehicle type.

What is your go-to marketing strategy currently?

Dynamic media mix is always our go-to marketing strategy to make sure we’re delivering the message to the market at the right time with larger coverage.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your marketing strategy?

The pandemic has significantly changed consumer behaviour. Nowadays, people are more glued to their devices than ever, so it’s essential to put our brand front and centre on channels that can give us the best returns. We’ve been exploring more channels and media partners to enrich our marketing strategy to make sure we’re “visible” by the market.

Why did you choose affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy?

We’ve selected affiliate marketing as part of our marketing strategy as it’s an effective channel to promote our brand and generate conversions.
Affiliate marketing has managed to improve our business volume at an affordable cost.

What is your vision/target for affiliate marketing and what are the biggest hurdles in the way?

We hope that affiliate marketing is able to scale further on its contribution to the business growth at a lower cost compared to other media channels. 
The biggest challenge with affiliate marketing is that we have limited data to understand how to improve the campaign performance.

How do you find the best talents for affiliate marketing?

We seek suggestions from agencies for the most suitable talents for our business.

Will you keep affiliate marketing as a long-term marketing strategy? Why or why not?

Yes, as we believe a dynamic media mix in marketing will help to maximize the marketing strategy result. We hope to see more collaboration, if possible, with higher delivery volume to the business.

Why did you choose ACCESSTRADE Malaysia as your affiliate marketing partner?

We are happy to work with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia which offers a performance-driven campaign for us to measure and optimize for our marketing strategy. Meanwhile, the team is supportive of our queries and pushing full support to our campaign which is what we appreciated.

How has ACCESSTRADE Malaysia contributed to your affiliate marketing strategy and target?

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia has contributed a good volume towards our KPI.

What is your advice to brands looking to explore affiliate marketing and the affiliate marketers who want to promote brand products?

Understand the market trend and always explore solutions that are suitable for the business as the nature of every business is different.
Creativity plays an important role to connect customers, affiliate marketers and businesses.

Can u give us a short wish in conjunction with ACCESSTRADE MY 3rd Year Anniversary?

Happy Anniversary ACCESSTRADE Malaysia for the awesome 3 Years! We wish you to grow stronger in the coming years.

Accesstrade Logo

The story of Lalamove is inspiring for all aspirants. You can connect with the brand through its official websiteFacebook page, Instagram page, and LinkedIn page.
The affiliate marketing technique helped Lalamove and it can help you too!

For more info, visit or register at


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2 years ago

Yes, correct..excuse me
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Nia Hayes - ShunCy
2 years ago

It’s well said, “there is no such thing as the perfect product / service / process and a solution to every problem is not possible in this world. Only incremental improvements of existing products can make them deliver greater performance, efficiency & productivity in terms of economics in this ever-changing world”. Lalamove has always strived hard to create their own innovation. On their journey, they have made their “idea of giving first class customer experience and a very good value add technology, by creating unique ways to create high performing software to be used inside a company. In the era of Covid, things were getting even more complicated for companies to adapt to new working policies and rules that came over. To tackle all this and come up as best in business companies, Lalamove stepped in where no similar technology was available, created the solution themselves. It was amazing experience for us to witness a team of engineers from one company coming together to tackle some complex technical challenges that could have easily been solved by external experts but instead it was done using the power of coding ingenuity. Such collaboration was never done before & we are glad enough for helping them to make it happen!
One very important change they did, started the conversation. They went out on to…
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1 year ago

There are many reasons why someone might choose affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy. Perhaps the person is already familiar with the concept of marketing and believes that affiliate marketing can be a powerful way to promote their own products or services. Or, the person may believe that affiliate marketing offers a more flexible and affordable way to reach a large audience than traditional marketing methods.

James Jordan
James Jordan
11 months ago

nice blog
good one