1. No3 jalan panglima satu,taman dawani 81400 senai johor

  2. Adakah penerima bpn layak menerima BPR2021?

      1. kerajaan tak betul mentadbirkan tapi rakyat tentang bantuan bpr kepada semua rakyat malaysia, tidak serupa dgn pentadbiran dgn datuk sri najib razak dahulu.

  3. I just housewife’s at home husband pass away 9 years But this 8 years I only receive rm 400 a year !! Maybe few years didn’t get ?? Have to go PUDU RAYA reapply again
    But it say rm 2500 !! Sorry this among when my husband pass away time only once I receive that much …And I renting house more than 25 years How to apply government low cost flats ?

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